Sleeping masks provide recuperative rest

"Cortical research has shown that the relaxing effect for wearers of sleeping masks is enormous, almost comparable to hypnosis. One feels refreshed when awakening again from a blind sleep,"
quoted from
Prof. Wilm-Peter Möllmann
Social Psychologist / Niederrhein University

Whether you want to take an afternoon nap or perhaps have worked or partied all night Luna Sleeping Masks will shield your eyes completely from the daylight, allowing for a flawless sleep.

Luna - Sleeping Masks made by Specialists

Luna Sleeping Masks have securing straps made exclusively of fabric materials and are free of elastics, affording individual wearing comfort. Indeed, for every type of head! The working of the top quality, skin-friendly materials in tasteful designs will satisfy the most demanding customer. Luna offers a large selection of colours and patterns that will delight men and women alike. But above all, it is the detailed and top quality workmanship that wins more and more customers over to Luna Sleeping Masks!

Luna loves satisfying customers

If, against all expectations, you are not completely satisfied with our product - do not hesitate to immediately inform us at Luna. But we are confident of not hearing anything negative from you...

Luna - Sleeping Masks convincing quality

Some people feel called to produce sleeping masks. “It wasn’t just the worn out elastic straps that I constantly complained about, but often the annoying metal clasps and bits, uncomfortable fabrics, poor workmanship and not least of all the unimaginative designs that frustrated me as well,” Marina Gromotka said and proceeded to reinvent the sleeping mask with Luna !

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